AU! Demon!Aomine/Human!Kise ┓

One night, Aomine is bitten by a wild animal, not giving much of a thought about   the matter, Aomine regularly keeps going on with his life. He goes to school and plays basketball as the ace of the prestigious Teikou High School. During a match something in him begins to change, he feels something is wrong but he decides not to tell anyone.  Kise Ryouta, a model and also a classmate of Aomine starts to worry about him, noticing something is different with the latter. The boy once cheerful, joyful and friendly is now introvert and confidential. Kise decides to talk about the matter with Midorima, the class president, who is also  their team-mate. Midorima, along with Akashi, hide a secret. The two are well aware of  what is happening to the young sixteen year old boy. Akashi, in particular, seems to understand that finding a "mate" for life is the only way, and the only one who can save Aomine from his cruel fate is Kise.

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